Pallet Sorting and recovery


SPARC, Lda, has been working in this sector of Pallet sorting and recovery, for many years, which is  decisive for the sustainability of the economy of European companies.


The operation is based on the reception of pallets, collected from its costumers after use. Afterwards a selection is made by sorting out the pallets that are in perfect conditions to return immediately to the production circuit, of those that need to be repair before reused. In this case, a repair is made or some elements are replaced and the pallet his ready to be used again. Or are sent to recycling if there is no way to recover it structurally.


These operations on high consumption customers who have the ability to pick up their pallets, brings a great profitability and a significant saving on the purchase of new packaging material.


SPARC, has a vast experience in the implementation and management of pallet recovery units in Portugal and Spain. This type of operation has the advantage that it does not require advance technology, but allows great results and also ensures that the repaired pallet is in perfect structural condition for new uses.