New Pallets


SPARC has a deep knowledge of the pallet industry.


That knowledge is based on a current production and sale of various types of pallets with different sizes, for several years. Of the most common type of Pallets we can emphasize:


Two Way Pallet (bar pallet): Designed to withstand heavy loads for the brick or block industry (sizes 800x800mm; 950x950mm ;1000x1000m), or others industry’s that need to carry large weights, (1600x1200mm; 1500x1500m).


Four Way Pallet (Cube pallet): For the most diverse uses, with different sizes and resistance depending on the product to carry. The most common sizes are: 1200×1000 or 1200×800.


In the Pallet market, SPARC, has the experience in pallet production on automatic lines for larger consumptions for the standard types, as well as semi-automatic lines, for smaller productions, able to meet the needs of customers who need other types of less common models, with smaller productions.


SPARC, Lda, has also a strong experience in drying wood in a Kiln dry chamber as well as the heat treatment procedures required for export.