Technical packing

Due to the existence of more delicate or higher cost products and the need to ensure that the transportation is made in the best and most secure way, the technical packaging sector was developed. This very specific kind of packaging ensures that the transport of goods is carried out, whether in short distances or inter-continental shipping, safely and at the same time personalized.


SPARC, has been developing its expertise in this area of packaging, as it is requested throughout by many sectors of activity. We build packaging in wooden structures, lined with OSB panels, plywood or fiber board. It is a type of custom packaging, made at the costumer request, for a specific product. SPARC is in contact with the costumer from the conception of the packaging until its wrapping moment, even the interior of this package is also customized.


As in others sectors, SPARC is used to developing close partnerships with its customers, ensuring greater efficiency and faster responses to the costumers needs.