Wooden Crates

Especially for the decorative stone sector, SPARC, has ben developing wooden packaging for packing and carry this kind of products. There are three types of packaging that are suitable for this type of manufacturing industry.


Boxes (or Crates): Custom made for floor covering stone and tiles. This box his made on a reinforced base (a strong pallet) safeguarded on all four sides and made in such a way as to ensure high strength throughout. They are boxes that having a base model, are built according to the customer needs, guaranteed that during shipping and delivery to the costumer, the product arrives in perfect conditions.


Bandles: Made for larger stones, loaded high and usually for transport in containers, mainly for export. Does not pack all the stone, but protects it during transport, making it easy to handle in all situations.


Wooden Easels: Made for shorter truck-sized transports, they are strong enough to be returnable, thus allowing it to be used several times, ensuring greater savings in financial resources.


SPARC, also provides raw wood so that quarries can pack the extracted stone blocks, whether to keep in park or at the time of transport.