Wooden Palox


With the demands of agriculture modernization has been developing skills in the construction of wooden boxes, for transport and packing of vegetables and fruits.


These packages are designated has Palox, in there design the base is made with a Pallet, and the height varies depending on the product type.


There are several types of Palox, the most common are the ones to store potatoes, onions and garlic for example. Also common, others that are used to carry and store lighter vegetables are taller than the previous ones. And if it is for export, they are usually made of thinner wood, in order to guarantee some value savings, since in general, they will no return.


SPARC designs and builds Paloxes for several companies and for various products, always ensuring the quality of the wood and that the product is in accordance with the costumer requirements. It is important to ensure that the product is made in such a way that transportation is as simple and cost-effective as possible for the costumer. Such as ensuring that their packaging  is done until better business opportunities arise.


As in other businesses, SPARC, is aware of the costumers specific needs, being able to produce the product tailored to it. As for example, like the demountable Palox, allowing an optimization of the space and the quantity of paloxes sent. Other example, a Palox with an air chimney in the centre of it, so that products stay in excellent condition for much longer periods. And reinforced, so that their durability is far superior, allowing great customer savings.


To ensure that the product is in optimal storage condition, the edges of the wood in contact with the product, are rounded so that no damage to the storage is achieved.